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slow cooker beef stew | movita beaucoup

Storm’s a comin’ to these here parts. Rain, and lots of it. Wind gusts of 80 kilometres per hour. (That’s like a million miles per hour for you Americans.) I’m betting Rosie Beaucoup will be on high alert. Some people rely on Environment Canada or the Canadian Hurricane Centre for weather updates. Not 2.0 and I – we’ve got Rosie Beaucoup. Since Hurricane Juan hit us in 2003, Rosie has become a storm tracker. A woman obsessed. She issues her own warnings, storm watches and weather related news. “Have you got water boiled and in thermoses? Have you got flashlights and an emergency radio?” Oh yes, Rosie Beaucoup, you bet we do.

slow cooker beef stew | movita beaucoup

For a while, I was worried that Rosie would trade in one or all of her children for Chris St. Clair. He works for The Weather Network here in Canada. Apparently, Rosie thinks he’s…

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